Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Dwayne Mayo

pastors note
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Coldwater United Methodist Church offers a fantastic experience for all who worship with us. Even before the service begins, worshippers soak in the historical beauty and respect that is immediate and obvious in our sanctuary. Known as one of the most beautiful structures of the late 1800s in North Mississippi, our sanctuary has endured being moved with the rest of the town of Coldwater in the mid-1900s a mile to higher ground. The hard and careful labor it took to move us allows us even today to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of the original stain glass windows, beams, balcony rail, and much more. We are reminded of the care and professionalism for God’s house that those who sat in the same pews we sit in had. This causes our minds and hearts to reflect on the many people who have worshipped within these walls. People have sought and found God here for much longer than any of us have been alive. Their God is our God. Our God among us was their God among them. Though many who worshipped here have gone on to Glory, the beautiful building and amazingly perfect God it was built for, remain.

As our talented musicians begin playing and the candles that represent the Holy Spirit’s presence among us are lit, we prayerfully focus our souls, hearts, and minds on our loving God as we prepare to engage in personal and corporate worship with God and with each other. Spiritual intensity increases as our choir stand to lead us into meaningful worship. Their beautiful voices sing to the glory of God as professionally played organ and piano join them and fill our sanctuary, ushering us into both a historical and modern worship experience. You and I are soon invited to join them as we all lift our voices up in worship to God. The ancient acoustics of our sanctuary allow even the shyest among us to lift our voices up to God with confidence as praise in song to God fills our building and the souls of all who open their hearts to God. 

More songs are sung, and ancient words of truth are liturgically expressed as we corporately affirm our living faith in God and hope for the future. We celebrate God’s provisions and blessings for us as we worship Him by giving tithes and offerings to His glory and for the enhancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. As our choir led us into our worship experience, they now lead us as God through the Holy Spirit prepares our hearts for hearing God’s Word. As Pastor, I am cautious to accurately preach the word of God, leaning on correctly understanding the Holy Scriptures for guidance and direction. If I am not speaking, the one who is has been carefully selected, ensuring that the words spoken by us are words that enhance without contracting God and His perfect word to our souls. We ultimately depend on The Holy Spirit speaking God’s truth into the souls of each person worshipping with us. We conclude worship each Sunday by once again lifting our voices up to God as we sing to Him and His glory.

Our worship experience is both formal and casual: formal in style and corporate participation, casual in relaxed friendliness and kindness. You will find that your participation is welcomed without pressure to do so. The altar is open at all times before, during, and after each worship experience as we at times feel drawn to kneel there in prayer. Worshippers may pray alone at the altar. If preferred, myself and/or members of our congregation will gladly pray for those who desire prayers and/or spiritual guidance from us. 

We welcome you and those you love to worship with us. We invite you to make our church your church and become part of our Christian family. Coldwater UMC has a tremendous history and is presently engaging in historical experiences with God as We love God with all our hearts and show this in how we love each other, our guests, our neighbors, the world around us, and the world abroad. Coldwater UMC is ready to show God’s love to you and your family. Are you searching for more of God? Can you and your family benefit from a godly group of people that will encourage you and appreciate your encouragement as we all seek to experience more of God and His love for us? Join us soon! We hope and pray that God will significantly encourage, inspire, and challenge you as you worship with us and even more so as you decide to make our church and our Christian family your spiritual home. 

From my heart,

Dwayne Mayo