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Pastor's Note

A Thought from Reverend, Rickey Haynes

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Pastor Ricky haynes
Reverend, Rickey Haynes
Just a thought.
As human beings we have our trials, all of us do. So did Jesus.
  • Jesus lived as a member of a family just like we do. As we look at the Scriptures we see that Jesus' family did not always agree with Him or believe in what He was doing. That must have hurt at times.
  • Jesus labored and worked as a carpenter for many years before He began His earthly ministry. He sweat and made a living for His family.
  • Jesus suffered from hunger and thirst in the wilderness and was tempted three times in that event when He was hungry and thirsty.
  • So often His disciples didn't seem to get it. Have you ever tried to talk to a child or grandchild and help them understand something important and they just did not get it? How frustrated did you get? Jesus experienced that as well.
  • He endured accusations of being a winebibber and a glutton.
  • Jesus was touched at the deepest level of grief by the death of people in His life. Examples being John the Baptist and His friend Lazarus and probably others that we are not told about.
  • Jesus wept at the sorrows that human beings experience because He also experienced those sorrows.
  • Jesus He had to endure the accusation that He was a sinner and at one time was accused of being cahoots with the devil. This perfect One who was without sin was accused of being a sinner because He healed a man who was blind form birth on the wrong day according to some.
  • Jesus was not looking forward to His suffering and death as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, He agonized over it.
  • When Jesus was arrested the treatment, He received at the hands of those He came to save resulted in physical agony for a period of many hours during His passion.
Jesus experienced the very existence of humanity and He did it all for your sake, your neighbor's sake, and my sake. When I truly grasp all of that...I can only ask myself, "Am I worth it?"

Through Jesus the God of all creation, who created every human being of every race, chose to enter and become a member of the whole human family. Jesus entered into the common condition of common humanity with all that living upon this earth includes for the common human being.

Jesus is one of us, because He chose to be one of us. Jesus did this voluntarily to bring us the message of a God who loves us enough to sacrifice everything to save us from the judgment of death that every sinner deserves.

The story of Jesus is a story of grace. It is a story of love. It is a story of salvation. This story will have a happy ending for every person who recognizes and receives the grace offered to us through the Life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. Am I worth what Jesus did for me? No I am not...but I would be a fool not to accept His gift of salvation and eternal life...wouldn't I? Have you been saying "No" to Jesus because of fear? Have you been saying "No" to Jesus because you don't think you are worth it? Have you been saying "No" to Jesus because you are afraid Jesus might say "No" to you? If you have been saying "No" to Jesus for any of these reasons or any other reason, then today is the day you can say "Yes". Jesus is on your side and He died for you to prove it.