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Pastor's Note

A Thought from Reverend, Rickey Haynes

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Pastor Ricky haynes
Reverend, Rickey Haynes
Just a thought.

Matthew 10:28-31

I was sitting outside of the motel by the pool enjoying a relatively nice cool day for Mississippi at the end of June. It may not be this way all day, but for the moment it is a pleasant day. My wife and I are here because we came to a party for our granddaughter's first birthday yesterday evening. What a blessing she is to us and I give thanks to God everyday for all of my family but especially my three grandchildren.

I came out by the pool to begin work on the sermon for next Sunday. As I worked on the sermon for next Sunday some reminders of the sermon from yesterday entered my space. Yesterday I preached on the passage where Jesus talked about the fact that not one sparrow would fall to the ground without the Father knowing about it and yet, we are worth so much more to God than even a flock of sparrows.

The first thought I had was that as much as I love my grandchildren, our Heavenly Father loves them even more. Not only does He love them more, He loves them more wisely than I could ever love them. Therefore, I must learn to trust my Heavenly Father and their Heavenly Father with their lives now and in the future.  

At breakfast this morning I noticed a mother with three children all under 12 years old. One of the young boys appeared to be receiving medical treatments. Yet the mother, the other children and this young one were full of joy and life. They were in a sense a "group of sparrows in God's hands that are being loved and cared for even in the midst of their crisis." I prayed for them as I watched their joy and I give thanks for a God who gives hope even in the midst of situations where the world offers very little hope.

Then as I sat working on the sermon for next Sunday who do you think would show up at my poolside table? Three little sparrows working the area for a little nourishment for their day. No surprise that birds would hang around such a space, but of all the birds that might have been there God sends sparrows today. I watched as they danced around looking for a morsel of food. They would split up then come back together as a group, then split up again. They looked like they were dancing with each other as they came together in a group with continuous chirping as a means of communication. Maybe, I thought they are thanking God for the morsel they just found. They would hop into the open garbage container, then into the bushes, then into the beautiful flowers then walk around the concrete area, all the time doing what sparrows do…looking for food. They were not afraid, showed no concern, even came within just a few feet of where I was sitting.

To be honest I have never given much thought to the sparrows I have seen over the years. After all they are everywhere and there are so many of them. Yet as I preached to myself yesterday while the congregation listened in, I realized that which I don't pay much attention to, God the Father really cares about. So then how much more does the Father care about the One who is a follower of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ?

Then I thought about the young boy I had seen this morning because by now he, his mom, and the other children were out enjoying the sunny day and the refreshment of the swimming pool. They were having a great time together. I prayed again. I prayed that they would have many more joyful years together.

I realized again what I had said yesterday as I delivered the message God had given to me. Jesus said in that passage that sometimes sparrows do fall from the sky. They fall unexpectedly…they fall tragically…they fall far earlier in their lives than they are expected too. But God knows and God cares for the sparrow. God the Father cares for the sparrow that looks for food today, while dancing with his or her little friends, and God the Father does not forget the little sparrow that falls to the ground tomorrow either. God cares…God loves…because God is love.

I must be honest with you. I can't explain why the innocent little sparrows fall to the ground, but they do. The comfort and hope I have is in knowing that when that sparrow or a child of God in Christ Jesus falls to the ground, for whatever reason and at whatever age, our Heavenly Father will be there for them because Jesus promised that not one sparrow would fall to the ground without the Father knowing and you are much more valuable than a whole flock of sparrows.

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