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Pastor's Note

A Thought from Reverend, Rickey Haynes

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Pastor Ricky haynes
Reverend, Rickey Haynes
Just a thought.

The Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church just completed its Annual Conference on Saturday. It was as usual an event with many high points and some low points. It was described by our Bishop as a “family reunion” and that is a good description. Much like a family reunion there are always things to celebrate and things to grieve…there are things to rejoice and agree on and there are things to argue about each year. We know this is going to happen every year when we gather.

There are those in every family who do not like to attend the family reunions because of the other people they know will attend, or just because they wish they didn't have to be a part of the family. I think they are the ones who miss out on the real meaning of family. Don't get me wrong…I don't like everything about this family I belong to called United Methodist. I don't agree with everything everyone in the family thinks about the various issues before us. But what I do believe is this…given time and patience and a focus on Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture we will figure it out by the grace of God. And then most of us will still love each other because we love our Lord Jesus Christ more than anything else. That is what seems to be important to me. My sister and brother United Methodist I will battle with you all you want on the issues that face our church, as long as we can still love each other when the dust settles, and the decisions are made. Shouldn't that be the way every family lives together?