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The following is a brief description of how your donations to Coldwater United Methodist Church will be used should you choose to provide a gift to any of these ministry opportunities. We thank you for your generosity and assure you that Coldwater United Methodist Church will seek to use all funds provided for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

GENERAL FUND: Donations given to the General Fund are used by the congregation for the normal operating expenses and ongoing mission and ministry work of the church.

BUILDING FUND: The gifts given to the building fund are used for special projects connected with the building and grounds of Coldwater United Methodist Church. Presently there are two projects being funded through gifts provided to this fund.

The first is a project to remodel and modernize the kitchen in the church. The estimated cost of this project is approximately $25,000.

The second project which needs funding is the repaving of the church driveway and parking lot. The estimated cost of this project is $17,000.

Other projects large and small arise from time to time and funds given to the building fund will be used to pay for those projects as well unless funds are re-designated by the congregations Administrative Council.

MEN'S MINISTRY: The Tree of Life Ministry to Men is active in outreach and mission work as well as work in the local community. The men of the congregation provide funding for local groups to participate in the work of Rise Against Hunger which provides meals for the hungry around the world, with a special focus on children. The men also provide funding for and provide the equipment and time to help ministries such as Mississippi Methodist Senior Services which is a not-for-profit faith based organization that provides comfortable, affordable housing and other services to meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of older adults.
The work of the men's ministry also touches other ministry areas such as college ministry and local high school outreach ministry.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN: The UMW is involved in local projects that include providing meals for individuals and families that are experiencing illness or death. They help provide financial assistance for youth through scholarships to youth camps. UMW as a support for ministries within the local church and beyond.

MUSIC MINISTRY: Music is such an important part of the ministry of any church. Although we are a small congregation we are blessed to have a wonderful music ministry at Coldwater United Methodist Church. If music is your thing and you would like to help the music ministry of this congregation you can make your donation today.

BOOSTER FUND: Coldwater United Methodist Church has a long history of helping those who have needs within our community. The Booster Fund was established many years ago by one of the congregation's members to help people in need. Proceeds from the fund help with food, clothing, utilities, and other essentials. This fund has also been used to help people who are traveling through the community and need help with fuel or lodging for a night. The original funds that established this ministry have been used  long ago, but through the generous support of members and friends of the ministry it remains to help those who have needs.

IMAGINE NO MORE MALARIA CAMPAIGN: This ministry has as its goal ending all deaths from malaria around the globe. This is a goal that is achievable though the dedication and generosity of people who want to see deaths from this sickness ended. Imagine No Malaria, an arm of The United Methodist Church, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are the top two non-profit organizations that have determined to rid our world of malaria, an illness that killed over 1 million people in 2014. Ninety percent of those deaths occurred among children ages 5 and under and among pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2015 the number of fatalities was cut in half as a direct result of financial help and education. With our continued support, we could see a real end to malaria, a disease that is preventable and 100 percent treatable.

Ten dollars will buy a mosquito net that will prevent the bite of the malaria-spreading mosquito since it feeds only at night. Four people are able to sleep under a single net, so each $10 gift goes a long way.