Bio, Tom McCormick & Lynn Starnes

Music Ministry
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Lynn and Tom
Tom and Lynn

Director of Music and Organist, Tom McCormick
Pianist Aubry Triplett
Song Leader Tommy Bailey

Tom McCormick has faithfully served our church in different capacities for almost 50 years. He is very talented and spiritually sensitive, allowing his talents to be used by God to minister to us each and every Sunday. 

Aubry Triplett has just become our piano player and does a fantastic job. Her fingers press each key with guidance from the Holy Spirit as she accompanies Tom with touching ministry through music.

Tommy Bailey is a well-respected man in our community who does a great job of leading the congregation in Worship. He understands where the Spirit of God is leading him and adjust to God's guidance as he guides us all in corporate worship to God in song.

We are very blessed to have this trio of talent and spiritual sensitivity to bring a wonderful experience through music and song each and every Sunday.