Ministry Overview

Ministry Overview
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As members of the congregation, we are sent into the community, empowered by God's love for us and through us to serve those in need. We believe that through prayer and being open to God, the Holy Spirit empowers and guides us in our ministries and that wherever there are need and suffering. The congregation exists, in part, to surround and support each member in his or her ministry. With the loving support of the community of faith, we can continue to grow.

We Are All Called to Minister
Though our gifts vary widely, we are all called to and engaged in the one ministry of Jesus Christ. Some aspects of our ministry are easy and come naturally. Some are difficult, involving long hours, tough work, always with the hope of God bringing success where we alone cannot. 

It happens in our daily activity
For those who are alert to the needs of others, each day abounds with opportunities to serve. We minister with our families as we inquire about one another's lives, as we listen and respond with care, as we touch, as we smile and offer a kind word, and as we decide questions and reconcile conflicts. We take time to listen to a friend in need and we respond; this is often the greatest gift we can offer. We minister at work, to both co-workers and those we serve. We minister in the neighborhood or the shops as we go about the day's work.

It happens through new initiatives
We also go out of our way to minister. We hear of a need, read of a crisis, or see an opportunity to share God's love. It may be with someone across town, someone of another racial or economic group, a person with a disability, or a person of another nation or culture. We take time to call, to visit, to write, and to ask how we can help. We also take the time to respond.

It happens through groups and institutions
Many needs are best met by joining forces with others as God leads us all. We take part in community groups that are trying to serve a human need or trying to change social forces that cause suffering. We give our time, our energy, and our money. 

It happens through the church
Here in our congregation, we take part in service groups, we sign up for special action projects, we visit, we telephone, we lead, and we teach. And we minister face-to-face in all kinds of ways, both when we gather and in our informal contacts.

Inspired by the example of Jesus and empowered by God's love for us, in us, and through us, we all carry out our ministry, both individually and together with others.