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Want to give a SPECIAL OFFERING?
Here are two great options,
Visit our Special Offering web page.



Monday's, 7:00 PM
Alcoholics Anonymous meets in Bailey Hall.

Tuesday's, 7:00 PM
Tree of Life Ministry Men's Bible Study.

Wednesday's, 6:30 PM
Coldwater choir practice in the choir room at Coldwater UMC.

The 2nd Monday of Each Month
United Methodist Women in Bailey Hall at 10:30 AM.

Join us for Tuesday evening Men's Bible Study and Sunday evening Bible Study.

If you are not receiving the church emails or the phone tree messages and would like to receive them please place your phone number and email address by your name on the registration sheet. If your birthday is not on the birthday calendar please place your month and day of birth on the registration sheet.

Homeless Ministry
Our ongoing ministry to the homeless will be to provide new large/extra-large men's boxer shorts or large/extra large white t-shirts. We will continue to provide these until further notice. If you feel led to help, please put the boxer shorts in the box at the bottom of the stairs near the sun room.

District Events
If you would like to be added to the email distribution list of the church and be notified of church events and happenings by email, then send us the message "Add to DL list" with your name and the email address you want us to use at

Special Offerings
At anytime that the church is receiving a special offering, you feel led by God to give, but cannot be present on that particular Sunday you may do one of two things:
•  Mail your gift clearly designated to: P.O. Box 428, Coldwater, MS 38618
•  Or simply present your gift the next Sunday clearly designating the purpose for which you are giving.